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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Search Engine Optimization

Apr 17th, 2012

Search engine optimization also known as SEO refers to a process applied to your website to achieve great ranking in search engines. The process of SEO involves changing content and codes of the website to become more compatible in search engines. Nowadays, search engine optimization is very popular among online businesses which aspire to improve their ranking and their web site. In addition, the process allows specific website to be accessible to search engines like Yahoo and Google.

Here are the top 3 advantages of SEO

1. Increased Internet Exposure- Increasing web exposure is considered as one of the most significant advantages with SEO. When your website places within top 10 or 20 of the popular results in search engine on the web, it has greater chances of attracting huge amount of visitors.

2. Affordability- SEO is widely considered as an affordable approach which lasts for years. You can perform various approaches to make your site more visible such as purchasing advertising space in Google AdWords.

3. Boost Business Efforts- The goal of SEO is to sell your products or services as well as providing useful information that will keep customers come back for more.
Additional Advantages of SEO

• Search engine optimization promotes products and services.

• When you use SEO, your business is better reached.

• SEO can also increase web site traffic that could lead to increase sales figure.

• Your business is exposed to potential clients when they access your website.

Disadvantages in SEO

• Your web site is exposed to an increase amount of spam once you achieve high volume and traffic to your site.

• Your site can receive unwanted leads that would involve cost.

• Cannot predict and guarantee best positions in search engines.

In addition to SEO business, keywords are also essential when applying search optimization as it contribute to the rankings in search engines. When you are developing keywords it must depict the type of business that you offer in order for the users to locate easily your website. Another factor that is important to your website is the links; through these links you can get high rankings in search engines by simply establishing the mentioned links. You also need to ensure that your website’s link is available from an established site to be able to refer or index your website. It is recommended to put your links to numerous websites in order for the search engines to discover them.

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